Las Vegas Hotels: Price or Location?

The pros and cons of staying on or off the Las Vegas StripĀ 
The beauty of Las Vegas is that there is something for every interest and lifestyle. Most people want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip in the heart of all the action when vacationing in Vegas to experience the utmost fun. The truth is that you can stay in the middle of the strip or off the strip and still have an outstanding vacation. In this article I will provide thoughts on the pros and cons of staying in Las Vegas Hotels

There is never a dull moment. The center of the strip is often very crowded with people, shoppers, party-goers, tourists, and can be overwhelming. The hotels are gorgeous and are known to have prestigious accommodations. There are an abundance of restaurants, bars, and clubs to enjoy. The best hotels to stay at on the Las Vegas Strip are as follows: Bellagio, Venetian or Palazzo, The Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Caeser’s Palace, or MGM Grand. Spend less money on the hotel room and stay at the Quad for a fun time. The Quad was renovated in the last few years and is a nice place to stay and experience the middle of the strip for a fraction of the price to stay at a bigger hotel.

It is impossible to walk down the strip without being solicited for a time share, escort service, show tickets, club tickets, or to have your picture taken with various mascots and popular characters. There are people everywhere and it can be difficult to walk down the street at a leisurely pace or enjoy the sights. Everyone is rushing from place to place. It is crucial to call ahead and book a table at a restaurant or you run the risk of not getting a table. The hotel rooms, although very prestigious in the lobby areas, can be quite small and average in the sleeping quarters.

Best of both worlds, stay downtown at near the Fremont Street experience. There are many hotels that have been renovated and upgraded downtown. The Golden Nugget provides a great experience for those looking to have a great time but not be overcome by crowds. Staying downtown is the best of both worlds because it is crowded at times but you will not be overrun by people. There is some soliciting but nothing like what you would experience in the heart of the strip. Downtown hotels have a unique personality to them and there is a relaxed atmosphere that you do not experience at strip hotels.

If you are looking for a great experience and would like to relax and enjoy all that the city has to offer without the crowds, you should check out the South Point hotel or the M Resort. Both hotels are outstanding and offer incredible room deals. There is a variety of food and entertainment options at each property. Located a couple miles south of the strip, these hotels are a great deal of fun but lack the solicitation or the overwhelming amounts of people that frequent the main strip. The M offers a shuttle to the strip at various times throughout the day. Taking an Uber to the strip and then having the option to come back to your nice and quiet hotel room to relax and have fun is the best of both worlds. If you go to Las Vegas for nonstop action all day and night, staying in the heart of the Las Vegas strip is for you!

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